A Skegemog (Mis)Adventure

Because we had gallivanted on Saturday, Tony and I decided to stay closer to home on Sunday. Plus we had a house showing (they’re not interested) right in the middle of the afternoon, which would’ve spoiled any potential plans. We’re still thrilled with the warmer weather, so we decided to take Petey for an evening hike on one of the nearby Skegemog trails.

I was last over there by myself with Petey, and while the trailhead parking wasn’t clear, it was passable. Things looks similar as we pulled up, and I advised Tony – who was driving – as such. Too bad I was wrong. As soon as we cleared the initial hump of snow into the parking area, we slid down and sideways into deep mushy snow fit only for snowmobiles. Thankfully, we were only a few feet off the road, and some careful back and forth work with a bit of pushing freed us. Much better than a couple years ago.

This was on our way back, so it’s dark, but I thought this post needed a photo break 😉

The sky was fully covered in clouds when we set off, so I left my camera in the car. Petey was an absolute wild man – a veritable friskopotamus. He was pretty responsive, but you’d never have guessed he’d had a big day of adventures on Saturday.

Still running hog-wild after over 1.5 miles on lightly packed snow

Of course, the sky opened up a bit as we approached the frozen lake. I lamented not bringing my “real” camera. My phone died a couple of times in the cold, so I had to borrow Tony’s for a few of these. It was probably a good thing I didn’t have the Nikon – we’d never have left 😉

Eventually we did go, though. Partly because the wind across the open lake was freezing us, and partly because night was swiftly approaching. By the time we returned to the car, twilight was upon us, and Petey had calmed somewhat. Again, I am so grateful for the many places we can escape to the great outdoors!

You can embiggen this one if you want 🙂 It’s a 180-degree pano of Lake Skegemog.

13 thoughts on “A Skegemog (Mis)Adventure

    • He certainly is! And yes, it’s a good thing we are. I don’t think pit bulls would make very good pets for people who aren’t active. Like boxers, they’ve got a lot of energy to burn. Though I can certainly envision him spending his elder years snuggled up by a fire.

  1. Glad you weren’t stuck stuck. Just a little stuck. Petey, you are a wild man! Do you get all excited when your folks talk about going on an adventure? Hmmmm I know some other dog that does too.

    • Having been thoroughly stuck before, we were glad to get outta there without too much stress.
      You should have seen him: butt tucked and running. He’d fly ahead, and then turn around and haul himself back. We were both convinced he was going to bowl us over.
      Petey says he doesn’t get too excited about adventures, because he goes on some kind of adventure at least weekly. But he does get annoyed if we don’t go do something different. He gets a bit petulant 😉

  2. The different perspectives are always interesting. We would not think of it being warmer weather with snow still on the ground. We’re probably spoiled really.

    The pictures are great. A beautiful hermange of colour. 🙂

    • I have a friend in North Carolina who was complaining about the wild temperature fluctuations, and how it was going to be all the way down near freezing. I had to laugh because it had been so long since we had been anywhere near that warm. Of course, when I lived in southern Florida I dressed for the cold when it was in the upper 60’s. It’s all about what you’re used to. And what you want to complain about I guess 😉

    • Well, before today I was going to say “No, but it’s sure a good excuse for me.” But he has a worse case of spring fever than I do. He kept going back and forth between me and Tony today, laying his head on our laps and sighing – simply asking to go out and play. We took four walks today.

    • Thank you! Sometimes I just have to remind myself that the best camera is the one that’s with you. Even if it happens to be dying because of the cold 😉

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