Deeply Ill

In case you’ve forgotten what it’s been like in this part of the world, let me remind you:

frigid Rapid River

That was Thursday morning. Double digits below zero again. But the mercury was on the rise, and threatened to get almost warm. No really – we’ve been expecting 40’s (between 5 and 10 C) and sunny, which I feared would make our ice unsafe for exploration so I did the unthinkable.

On Friday morning, I rose at an indecent hour, and then left the house just a couple minutes too late to catch the moon setting over the west coast in Empire, MI. I remain a touch disappointed about that, but only a little. I had the whole beach very nearly to myself (I wasn’t out on the ice all alone-y on my own-y) for the entire hour and a half I was there.

Although temperatures hovered in the single digits, I was never cold. Being surrounded by such beauty is awe-inspiring, and surreal, and breathtaking. It is invigorating.

The sun rose hot on Friday, and by the time I made it to my running appointment at 10:00 (I’m cleared to ease into running!) it was nearly 20F. I hesitate to speak out of turn, but I think Old Man Winter finally got tired, and went to bed.

good morning sunshine

This morning we woke to brilliant sunshine accompanied by spring-like temperatures. It was still below freezing, but not much. Birds sweetened the air with their songs – and not just one or two birds, but a whole chorus of them.

I’ve removed the fleece lining from my coat, and didn’t make Petey wear his. Speaking of whom, some puppies have a terrible case of spring fever. That little guy practically pranced his way through his morning walk. He sniffed the air and sashayed along the way, not once trying to end the walk early. Then, he begged to go out for an afternoon jaunt. Then, he asked to go for an evening walk.

A stop on our evening walk on Torch Lake in Alden
Torch reflections

And then we walked again during sunset. Since I obliged with every request, I think I must’ve caught it too. Looking at the forecast – which has 50’s in store dontcha know?! – I think I might have a fatal case of spring fever. Quick, no one get some ice! And be careful; I think this strain is highly contagious πŸ˜‰

Images from tonight’s everlasting sunset. That sun pillar lasted nearly 15 minutes after the sun dipped below the horizon,

23 thoughts on “Deeply Ill

    • Yes! We are exuberant! It’s like someone flipped a switch on the weather. Really, we were -20 overnight on the 5th, and yesterday we hit 50. No wonder Petey can’t contain himself πŸ˜‰ And me either!

    • Thank you! Hope to share more images from the ice caves soon. We’ll see – it’s awfully sunny out, which will pull me right away from this computer πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Rhon! I think because of so many factors coming together, this winter has really worn on me. There’s still been lots of great stuff, but I’ve had a difficult time dealing with the cold. I’m so happy for spring’s arrival – even though I know it will be in fits and starts. Generally, the road commission does a great job keeping the roads clear. I’d say you’re good to come up any time in the winter so long as you don’t time your arrival right in the middle of a snow storm πŸ™‚

    • You miss it so much you’re packing up to come home to see it, right? I’m kidding of course. It’s so good to have different perspectives. It really allows us to appreciate things we might otherwise take for granted, and to see the good along with the bad. For instance, your light might be harsh, but the temperatures must be soothing.

      • You are so right – I miss the nicer sun but not enough to give up all that is so wonderful here during the winter. Besides, then I can enjoy how you capture the light so beautifully.

    • Thank you Margaret! There are things I love about each season, and I’m so glad we get such diverse seasons. But I am celebrating the end of this winter. It will be a lovely to enjoy the spring as it does its thing πŸ™‚

  1. I just LOVE your photos, Heather! I must sound like a broken record, but really, super gorgeous. Favorites today are the snow bridge with cloud reflections, sunset(s) and road/woods. πŸ™‚
    Woo-hoo to spring!

    • Broken records are welcome when they say such nice things πŸ˜€
      That “snow bridge,” if I understand correctly, is actually a puddle on Torch Lake. I got my feet wet (went out in running shoes because I’m overly optimistic about this spring thing!) traipsing out on the slushy surface of the lake for that one.
      Our walk was so pretty the other morning, I actually carried my big-girl camera – something I normally leave at home on those outings. Woo-hoo indeed!

      • Oho, now I see it! Optical illusion, it looked like a bridge – lol!
        The softer temperatures make taking the camera much more pleasurable. I went out early this a.m. to catch snow fog – it felt so comfortable, even without mittens.

    • A Michigan weather forecaster wrote an article on weather euphoria, and cautioned that temperatures weren’t going to be as high as the rumors running amok on FB. But, as you can see, euphoria has taken over my spring-fever-addled brain. I know this isn’t going to last, and that we have some freezing weather ahead, but I’m going to enjoy it anyway!

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