Some Words on Wednesday

Spring might be in the air, but winter is still on the ground. I pretended it wasn’t yesterday morning, and took Petey on his walk in running shoes. I even ran for a couple minutes at my new cadence. It wasn’t fun – it feels like I’m Velma Dinkley with a tiny stride. But it fits my short legs better, so I’ll incur less joint damage and therefore less pain this way.

We had some errands to run yesterday, and we knew we’d want to walk around town, so we let Pete be a wild man at Hickory Meadows.

Actually, we let him roam off leash until other dogs and their owners approached, and then we on-leashed him until we got the go-ahead. Petey can come on a little strong, and not everyone responds well to that. I just wished they realized that having their dogs unleashed and uncontrolled kind of drives our dog nuts (which is not the same as doughnuts). Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.


Petey had a big time with several new canine pals, and ended up panting despite the 50-degrees with a breeze and mushy snow pack. In fact, he got so toasty that he tunneled through the snow, and wallowed around like a pig in that stuff pigs like to roll in. I’ll post a video later on Instagram (you don’t have to be on Instagram to view photos or videos in my stream) or on Facebook if you want to see his shenanigans.


The upshot of all this was that we enjoyed one of the most laid back walks through downtown Traverse City that we’ve ever had. Petey was mellower even than our sunset, and we felt absolutely at peace. Except for the chill creeping in, because as I said – it’s still winter on the ground even if it is melting away.

21 thoughts on “Some Words on Wednesday

  1. I know exactly what you mean about unleashed dogs. Katie only gets to be off leash when I’m sure we’re alone, at the back of a park. Still, once in awhile someone and their off leash dogs rounds a corner ahead of us. “She’s friendly!” they’ll shout…but their version of friendly isn’t always Katie’s. Especially if it’s a big dog (and they’re all big to her). So I usually just pick her up and stand still and wait and see. We’ve had several dogs lunge at her who were supposed to be friendly. And no way for their owners to control them, being they weren’t on a leash. I’ll get off my soapbox now. 🙂

    • We usually get some version of “My dog’s friendly” or “Is he friendly?” when it’s too late. The problem is, Petey is in fact very friendly. But he’s also a wrestler and rough player – which is why we’d keep him on a leash around Katie. They surely don’t play the same!

    • Yes! It’s funny – when fall starts getting cooler, I look forward to thick sweaters and hats. But in the spring I look forward to capri pants and T-shirts. It feels so free to be out in fewer layers. I have taken my gloves off on a few of my recent walks, and you’re right – it’s just downright comfortable out there 🙂 (Uh-oh, I feel that weather euphoria creeping in…)

    • The first walk wasn’t so peaceful. Still good for the soul, but some horribly uneven footing. The second walk, though, just blissful. Definitely called for some hand-holding 🙂

    • Petey is quite a sight in his running shoes. Even though I don’t think I look as humorous as he does, I suspect I was still a little silly looking tromping out on the lake in entirely inappropriate clothing. Feel free to laugh at or with either/both of us 😀

  2. All I can say is that I’m glad you published pictures of blue snow–because that’s what it LOOKS like so much of the time. (I have been chastised in the past for blue snow pics.) Why must everything be white balanced when one is creating a lie? Do tell me, Heather, if you’re not too stressed out worrying about more important things.

    • Soooo, here’s what I’ve learned from wiser minds on these matters: having correct white balance is critical when people are involved because of our brain’s processing of color constancy. However, landscape photographers pretty much have carte blanche on choosing a white balance. I try to make sure my white balance reflects how the scene looked and felt. Sometimes snow is blue. Sometimes it’s pink. Whatever the sky looks like, the snow is bound to reflect – and always making snow white really is creating a lie. Do what makes you happy unless you put people in your photos. Then blue snow might make your people look like smurfs 😉

      • Am laughing out loud–smurfs! How funny. Thank you for writing out this reply and I shall keep it in mind. So changing white balance will make blue snow look white–just so people won’t look like smurfs? To whom should we be true blue? Ha ha, no need to answer that question. I am being silly. But will tell Barry your answer when he comes in from the garage.

    • It’s something we’ll have to work harder at once we move, but I really think it’s good for him. Stimulates his brain in a way that an on-leash walk can’t. (And vice-versa of course.)

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