Wordless Wednesday: Northern Lights Edition

More photos and aurora time-lapse coming soon on FB and Flickr!


18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Northern Lights Edition

    • Did you have any kind of view of the eclipse today? One of my friends was flying into London this morning, and he was hoping to catch a good view of it. PS – I’m skipping out on the bill this time 😉

      • In London, it’s on Fri the 20th about 8:30 with about 85% moon cover. I was going to go to Greenwich Observatory but the chances of cloud are 100%.

        I went to Cornwall for the last full eclipse in 1999. It was totally overcast then. There were hundreds of us lining a small beach. Nothing much happened except it got a bit dim and some geese got very confused. Ho hum.

        I think I’ll just poke myself in the eye and pretend. 🙂

        • I don’t remember the most recent eclipse I’ve seen, but once there was one on my birthday. It was a completely special day: Mom took me out of school (something we NEVER did), and we went out for seafood (my favorite), and she brought along my dad’s welding had so I could watch the whole thing as we drove along…to the surprise seafood lunch.
          Maybe just pretend. I think you can safely (more safely?) skip the eye-poking bit 😉

          • Sounds like great fun. The welding hat must have looked cute.

            As far as eye poking is concerned, I’ ll take your advice but was hoping to start a trend. 😀

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