Otter Creek Sunset – A B&W Photo Challenge

Eliza, who shares a similar love for the outdoors as me, and who lives in a similar place but different country invited me to join a black and white photo challenge. Since It’s all in good fun, and since it’s so windy out, I’ve decided to play along. At least once. There are rules, as with any contest/challenge, but I’m not playing by them 😉 So, new rules: if my post inspires you to try your hand at a black and white photo when you might otherwise opt to see the world strictly in colors, link it up to this post. If there are multiple participants, I’ll post a future blog shouting out my favorites. Or something.

Without further ado, here’s the photo – perhaps the only one, perhaps just the first – that I chose to convert to black and white. I originally shared it on FB and Flickr in all its peachy sunset-y glory, but decided it had nice enough lines to lend itself to B&W too.  I posted larger versions of each below, which can be further embiggened via a click if you like.

What do you think?

Otter Creek - B&W Otter Creek Sunset

41 thoughts on “Otter Creek Sunset – A B&W Photo Challenge

  1. That’s nice. How can you beat that scene.We are up at our place on sw trch lk dr this weekend. People wonder why we drive four hours for a couple nights. Little do they know what they are missing up here. Life is good!!!

  2. Both are glorious! 🙂 Heather, I knew you’d have something awesome to offer!
    Love your independence, of course you can change the rules and play it how you feel it. 🙂 And BTW, although it may seem like it sometimes, LOL, Massachusetts hasn’t seceded, yet! 😉 ❤

    • Thanks Eliza! I had a pretty good laugh at myself when I read this weeks ago and then abandoned the blog 😉
      I don’t know why, but I was convinced you were in Nova Scotia.

        • We have just moved a few boxes – the big stuff will happen this weekend. Petey has been introduced to the house in stages, and the other day a dog friend came in to visit. He’s over the moon about other dogs, so it was a nice way to welcome him home. We’re going to board him at his favorite day camp place for a couple of nights while we straighten the house out, and hopefully that’ll reduce all our stress levels. The two cats have been through multiple moves, so I think they’ll be just fine 🙂 Thanks for asking!

  3. Love both. Am partial to color but also have always liked black and white. I need to figure out how to do black and white. Is it set on the camera…or done in processing after? I should look it up.

    • Sorry to have left you hanging. If it makes you feel better, I’m leaving work hanging just this moment 😉
      As for your B&W question, you can set it in camera, but there are so many ways to convert after the fact that it’s probably best to do it in post. If you do it beforehand, you lose so much info. Even if you shoot in jpg (instead of raw), you’ll have red, green, and blue info in your color image to work with, which can dramatically impact your results. I think I’ve asked before, but what program do you use for digital development?

  4. I like both the colour and the B&W. In the colour we see what you see, and in the black/white the colours we see are in our minds. (Does that make sense?)

    • Hey there Cindy C! Sorry not to have answered you. Otter Creek is a few miles south of Empire. You can access it via Esch Rd. Aral Rd will also take you there, but it’s a seasonal road, and it isn’t plowed in the winter. Haven’t been to Otter Creek yet when it wasn’t stunningly beautiful.

  5. I’m astonished how good you converted this to a B&W picture. Compare to the B&W, the coloured one looks almost flat.
    My interest in pictures started at a time when we could only take B&W pictures, and I’m thankful that we can take coloured pictures. I was sure that landscape pictures need to be done in colour, whereas portraits work very well if not only in B&W. Your sample shows that it can work for landscape pictures, too.

    • Thank you Ben. There was quite a bit of selective contrast brought to the B&W. Which to my way of thinking is often the whole reason to do B&W. You can have fantastic contrast and it looks good – not just a bunch of outrageously saturated colors.
      I agree that B&W often lends itself to portraits. It’s just not something I’m tuned in to.

  6. Gosh, I couldn’t pick a favorite. Sometimes photos feel like children: each one seems so unique you can’t really choose. Your photography is just so beautiful, dear Heather. Stunning. You have a gift for seeing & expressing through that camera of yours. I went for a walk in the woods this morning—enough snow melted away for easier walking–and loved being back there with the rushing streams and decaying leaves and the first robins of the season. Have you been seeing the robin tribe for a while now? OK, must go clean house. No more procrastinating. Nice to visit with you!

    • You can be like me and only half-commit. Then you don’t have to feel bad 😉 Or you can recognize that they’re just photos and that having a favorite neither matters nor will it hurt their feelings 😉

      Have you blogged lately? My feed reader is completely broken, so I haven’t even checked blogs lately, let along write any. I’ll get back to it sometime, because I do miss it.

      I hear you had glorious weather up there over the weekend. Tony and I walked 20 miles Saturday and Sunday just taking neighborhood walks. It was lovely. I am just giddy about all the pleasant weather! Nice visiting with you too 🙂

      • I like your ideas, Heather. I have NOT blogged lately on Lake Superior Spirit and am wondering if it’s “all over” at least for now. There just isn’t any incentive…
        20 miles Saturday and Sunday! My goodness! I walked 4-5 miles those days and thought I was doing great. You guys are so inspirational. Hey, have you moved yet? Did you move and write a big post and I missed it? Just wondering since you talked about walking the neighborhoods. OK, am off to the first yoga class in five years and then to the chiropractor and then a school board meeting. Busy day for this girl.

        • We have possession of the house, but since the floors aren’t done, we haven’t moved in. We spent some time over the weekend installing things like curtain rods and laundry room shelves, and since the weather was so nice, we walked around – a ton.
          I like that you’ve got yoga scheduled then chiropractor 😉 Seems like the right order to do things in! I’ll be visiting the chiropractor myself after we move, I’m sure!

  7. Enjoyed looking at both the photos, then reading the comments on the blog to see what everyone said. Won’t sit on the fence with this one and say I like both (which I do, actually) but come out forcefully and say I LOVE the drama of the black and white.

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