A Perhaps Extended Stay

You might have conjectured about my absence of late. Or you might not have noticed I was gone. I was. I’m back now, but I won’t even pretend to suggest that it’ll be a long stay. Perhaps I’ll make more frequent visits to the blog, but don’t count on it just yet.

You see, spring has happened Up North. The weather has finally taken a sharp turn for the better, and I am having trouble staying inside.

Also, we finally closed on our new house in Traverse City. We’ll be moving sometime, but we are still not sure when. Part of the deal included the installation of hardwood floors upstairs, and to redo the staircase as well.

And that might have already been done, except the house was built in 1895 and is heated with cast iron radiators that require a specialist (team? I dunno, but they’re exceptionally heavy) to move and replace them. Tony thinks we’ll probably move next weekend, but I’m ever the optimist and am hoping for this weekend.

Petey Hikes-2

Petey doesn’t care as long as he gets to play outside. With a friend or 20 would be best.

Petey Hikes-3

Meanwhile, I’m packing some things and am just grateful that it’s warm enough for the ice to have melted! (All these photos are from our hike this evening over at the south end of Lake Skegemog. I did actually wade through slush up to my knees last night for a photo. Youch! It was painfully cold.)

(Before I go, I should also say sorry for not checking in on your blogs. Work has also been crazy, and part of it required an operating system update on my laptop that I’ve been avoiding. Now the reader that I use to check all your blogs says I have almost 600 things to read, and I haven’t gotten it fixed yet. I’ll be around to your blogs soon though!)


11 thoughts on “A Perhaps Extended Stay

  1. Your new house was built in 1895? That’s so cool…is it up above the town? I drove through that neighborhood in 2010 when I was in Northport for 3 weeks. I thought if I ever lived in TC it would be there that I’d like to live. Can’t wait to see pictures!

    • It’s been completely renovated, so the only original character to be found is in the basement. But, there is a really cool support from 1895, and some scary “stairs” that would more properly be called a ladder 😉 We are in “Old Town,” and while I never thought I’d live in town again, I really feel at home in the neighborhood. I’ll post pictures after we’re even a little settled!

  2. I have noticed your absence but I’ve seen you on Facebook, so I hadn’t yet panicked. Happy to hear your house purchase has closed – do not envy you the moving! Is your computer Mac?

    • I figured that some of my blogging/FB friends weren’t too concerned. FB is just less of a commitment, and of course I try to post to my photography page because I feel happier when I’m out photography-ing 😉
      Yes, my computer is a Mac. Late 2012 Macbook Pro. I just uninstalled and reinstalled some drivers, so I hope that takes care of the worse offenders. Still not sure about that feed reader though. It’s sitting at 583 unread items – and has been for the past four days :-/

  3. Good luck with your move and don’t worry about you absences. I will think of you slaving over packing cases or an Os even though I know you’ll probably skiving off with Petey. Enjoy, your summer is short so make the most of. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I would urge you to avoid the blog/blogs completely and just focus on maximising spring/summer time!! Enjoy the move this weekend or the next and don’t break your back and knees! Happy times!

    • Spoken like a true mom 🙂
      I’m not going to stress out about blogging, but I do like to check in with all my peeps 😉 I’ll do my best to take care of my body through this mess. Should be this weekend – fingers crossed!

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