Unsalted Snorkeling

Halfway through August, we are nearing the end of our “summer B&B” season. Summer’s not over yet, though, and splashing in the water with our work friends (who just wrapped up a week-long visit) whetted our appetite for more time in our unsalted waters.

I remember being chilly when we lived in Miami…when the temperatures dipped into the mid-70’s. Now I’d be happy if it never got warmer than that. Except the high temps make the water nice. We were having a tough time deciding between a kayak trip or a swimming trip, and the mid-80’s we’re scorching in settled it.

We rode the half hour over to Glen Arbor, and joined scores of other folks there on the beach. Though it was busy, it wasn’t packed to the point where I felt like a sardine in a tin can of humanity. Still, I didn’t mind when we swam away from shore to be with the fishes.

I’d have been cool without my rash guard on, but a thin neoprene layer up top was sufficient for our time out. We kicked over to a submerged pier, and discovered some wreckage along the way. It’s funny how mundane things gain interest when they become the underwater home to algae and mussels.

The pilings were less intriguing than I had imagined. I expected lots of algae, and perhaps some elodea and fish. Instead, there was just some algae, no seaweed, and only tiny fish. Still, the pier’s remains were expansive, interesting, and a touch spooky.

The expanse of the lake itself can be a bit spooky, but it was calm (no fear of rip currents), and it’s unsalted (no sharks). I eventually got chilly, and we were both hungry. We returned to shore to bask in the now comfortable afternoon heat to dry off before the ride home. What have you been doing to stay cool?

PS – Life’s been pretty busy these past several months, and I have no idea if it’s going to slow down. I felt compelled to write tonight, but I don’t know when that urge will strike again…or when I’ll have time. If you want to sorta follow along, or just look at photos, I do still post regularly to Facebook and Instagram 🙂


17 thoughts on “Unsalted Snorkeling

    • You’re so sweet 🙂 I’m glad I randomly checked the spam filter – your comment inexplicably landed there. Hrmph.
      I don’t know about you, but we don’t handle the heat as well as we used to. Not in a health way – more of a mental health issue 😉 I am soooo grateful we’ve got so many nice freshwater lakes around. Enjoy the rest of your summer, too. Fall will be here before we know it! And I’ll not utter the W-word 😉

  1. In my next life I will snorkel, kayak and spend more time near water during my adult years. Except if I come back as one of my dogs. . . Oh dear, choices.

  2. Thanks for the look into another world. The water around this part of the coast is murky, although much better in the SW, it’s nice to see another view .

    Douglas Adams wrote something like; we think we are more intelligent than dolphins because all they do is have fun in the water and eat fish, they know they are more intelligent then we for exactly the same reason.

    Have fun 😀

    • Thanks Dawn, you too!
      I hate how quickly summer seems to end…or just to pass, really. We get so busy with this and that, that I feel like it’s slipping away the entire season. I think that’s primarily because I just love all the things to do in summer so much.

  3. I used to scuba dive for a job and would snorkel for fun all the time. Have not thought to do that in a long time. Your great post makes me think about getting in the water again!

    • An engineer and former SCUBA diver? I would love to chat in person sometime!
      Tony and I are both SCUBA certified, but have been diving in ages. Since snorkeling is so much cheaper than diving, we kind of took that up instead. We free dive in the lakes here up to about 40 ft deep. And one of our best friends lives in Maui, so she takes us to great snorkel places there. I wish the season were a bit longer here. Just when it gets good, falls comes.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I’ve always wanted to go snorkeling in that area. I used to live in that area, and I miss that perfectly clear water! I hope to make it make up that way again eventually. Enjoy the rest of summer! 🙂

    • Thanks Hannah! This was our first time out in Glen Haven, but we’ve been underwater up here quite a bit. As long as there’s a drop off or some historical relic, there’s an excuse to swim out 🙂 I hope you get your chance to travel this way again! Thanks for commenting, and enjoy the rest of your summer as well!

    • One of my friends saw the picture of me waving and said “That’s pretty much my nightmare.” It’s only spooky if you let it be. The water is only a little murky, and look how cool it is! It’s practically normal 😉

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