Signs of the Season

For a few days in August (Or was it just earlier this month? I don’t remember.) the temperatures dropped into the 60’s, and I thought: Oh, it’s time for fall. I thought it was premature, but then I always feel that way, and I welcomed the seasonal change anyway. And then highs in the 90’s returned, and we’ve since been enjoying an extended summer.

Thankfully, the humidity has dropped back down within acceptable (Yep, I’m the judge of that, thankyouverymuch!) northern Michigan norms, and the mosquito population has died back some so outdoor exploration is less frustrating than it is early in the summer. Without much of a plan, Tony and I headed south yesterday afternoon to check out a state park in Interlochen that we’ve driven near dozens of times, yet never stopped to visit.

About half of the campground was closed, which we took as a mere suggestion since it seemed that only cars were blocked. We ducked under the yellow tape and wandered aimlessly under the oaks, hoping the breezes wouldn’t dislodge acorns onto our noggins.


Thanks to the summery weather, our trees are still mostly green, though a few are starting to display their autumnal plumage. Since Interlochen is a touch inland compared to on-the-bay Traverse City, we had hoped for a slightly advanced color season. We weren’t entirely disappointed.



After our meandering, we grabbed some dinner and then went in search of potential super moon eclipse viewing sites. I took a few pictures from the park in Greilickville, but by then the sky was getting too dark for the photos I had in mind, so I threw in the towel on that venture. Considering the lunar eclipse is officially underway, and the sky is completely clouded over, I’m glad I didn’t spend too much time discovering the perfect location. Here’s hoping your view is better πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Signs of the Season

  1. No real surprise here – beautiful photos are your norm, and I love that I can join you on your adventures with no physical effort on my part.
    Must go out and check the moon status. I’ve gotten a few photos – we’ll see how they turned out when I upload them tomorrow.

    • I’m glad you came along! Though this outing mostly included us watching Petey go wild as we let him chase after the chipmunks – with the trees and ample holes in the ground, I wasn’t too worried about their safety.
      The skies had reportedly cleared enough to catch glimpses of the moon around 1:30, but I had actually already gone to bed. Hope you show was better than ours!

  2. Love your shot from under the red maple. Beautiful!
    Sorry you missed the eclipse. I took your notes (thank you!) and attempted some shots. I haven’t had time to process them, maybe tomorrow. It was a sharp learning curve, complete with cursing πŸ˜‰ but finally got the hang of it. I hope a few will be worthy!

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