There And Back Again

On Sunday Tony and I dropped Petey off at Bokhara, a pet resort, where I cried. He trotted right in – greeting all the smells and newness cheerfully – but we had just gotten him eight days previously from a shelter, and it was difficult (for me, not for happy-go-lucky him) to leave him in a kennel. He proudly chomped on his new stuffed penguin, and we stowed our emotions as we left town, winging our way to Atlanta to visit work colleagues/friends in the office.


We stayed with our friend, with whom we also work, which is just about the perfect arrangement. He (and his family) are supremely gracious about the intrusion, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of the companionship, accommodations, and shared rides to/fro the office.

Fall color there is waning, but it still paints quite a lovely picture from the twelfth floor. Being in the office isn’t quite as good as working from my couch at home, but the view sure doesn’t hurt, even with my back to the window.

From getting some excellent news in the office (We’re going to be official employees starting in the new year instead of on contractor status!) to easy trips through the airport, travel could not have gone much better. The TSA agents in both Atlanta and Traverse City were friendly, and so were all the staff at airport restaurants where we grabbed quick bites.

If I’m honest, I actually enjoyed the Detroit airport. Evidence of smart design abounds, plus there are gorgeous Christmas trees (backed by super-quiet red, Christmas-y trams), and a trippy lightshow between concourses.

As well as everything went, nothing compared to coming home. The lady at Bokhara brought Petey out to us – sans leash – and he mauled us with wiggly, excited kisses. After he settled down just a bit, Petey snuggled up with her (a heartwarming sight that ensures his future stays there), and then we said goodbye.

Rocky was more glad to see the pup than the cats are, but we’re all settling back in nicely. It’s good to be home 🙂

Yet Hope Remains

Last week Tony and I boarded a tiny regional jet and winged south to Atlanta. Ostensibly, we were there for an office visit, but really it felt more like a short spring break. We were only there for a few brief days, but the weather (and company) was deeply refreshing. Continue reading