A Falls-less Fallsville

After work this afternoon, mom and I wound our way over to the Fallsville Wildlife Area. I could be making this up, but the area is named, presumably, after the waterfalls formed when the Clear Creek cascades over a 15-foot drop. Or it does in non-drought-at-the-end-of-August. I’ve been there when there’s water in the creek, and the falls are a beautiful surprise amidst the area’s usual pastoral scenery.

Mom and I simply enjoyed hiking the dry creek bed this time. Much of the exposed rock was so dry that the normally slippery algae was instead a dry crust. The area still held unexpected beauty; more leaves than I had expected were tinged with gold, and the very occasional breeze whispered through them, providing a nice soundtrack where the falls failed.

At the beginning of our descent into the falls area, I tried to spy another, easier way down to the falls. (Remember – my mom just had that surgery, regaining her ability to for-real-walk back in June.) She hopped down  – a drop of about five feet in a tight, rocky crevice – and beckoned. Well, obviously I was underestimating her (sorry Mom!).

We clambered over rocky outcroppings and tumbled stones, until the puddles of creek disappeared from view. Despite the heat and sweat dripping down my back (thanks, camera bag), we had a great time. I’m pretty sure we’ll go back to shopping for our “girl time” when the weather worsens, but it’s great to get out for a brief hike together again!

I love you Mom. Please forgive my use of this picture that I also love 🙂

Calm Before the Storm

This is it – the last few hours of our simple life before our schedule explodes into busy-ness. Since things are about to get hectic around here, we’ve been taking it easy. Last night we caught a serene sunset over West Bay in Traverse City. To say “sunset” might be stretching it – there was a tiny hint of pink in the sky, but the clouds were awesome, so there you go.

If you’re thinking it looks stormy, you’re right. We had a lovely lightning show last night 🙂

Having spent a good part of today freeing our guest rooms from pollen, I rewarded myself with a brief stroll down our road tonight. As I neared one neighbor’s yard, I watched a chipmunk dart behind some freshly shorn grass, I’m sure thinking that if he couldn’t see me, then I couldn’t see him. A trio of deer farther in the distance patiently awaited my approach, measuring my character. The local beagle howled the alarm, and the deer scattered,  having been made aware of my predatory nature. The birds, though, were unfazed, and continued to serenade one another with lilting chatter.

our resident chipmunk – not the one I spotted tonight

Tomorrow we shall make final preparations for our guests, and perhaps sneak in a kayak trip or some beach time. Just a quick preview, so you have an idea of what Casa de Higham will be like this summer (and perhaps why we’ll try to go easier next summer?). Here’s the remainder of our June calendar: Friends and daughter visiting Monday 11th – Thursday 14th or Friday 15th. Trip to Atlanta 17th – 21st.  Friends house-sitting/visiting 17th – 24th. Coworker visiting 24th – 27th.  Maybe you understand why we’re enjoying our “Serenity Now.” 😉

Serenity for you 🙂