*Hot* Double Chocolate (Cherry) Cookies

I’m sure it sounds hipster, but Tony and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, on account of I think it’s a completely manufactured holiday. He doesn’t mind that together we boycott. Illustrative aside: Today on the ski lift I looked at Tony and said: “Tomorrow is Valen-times Day.” “It is?” he asks. “Well, I can tell I’m getting something good,” I retort. He grins, then asks, “Do we do cards for Valentine’s Day?”  We don’t.

I digress.  Anyway, I do like chocolate, and it seems like these cookies are perfect for Valentine’s Day, in case you are late to the party and haven’t made your Valentine’s Day treats. Or if you’re like me and just want an excuse to make something yummy.  These cookies are tender, bordering on gooey, chocolate-y (of course!) with a hint of cherry, and end with a little heat. Do I have to twist your arm? Continue reading