Friday Night Lights

Another week, another batch of Christmas lights. This is the last Friday before Christmas, and if I lived anywhere else, I might say this is the last of the lights you’ll see. But I’ve already got plans to do another neighborhood walking tour with friends. Also, folks Up North leave their lights on longer than folks who live in other places, on account of we get lots of snow and it looks pretty. So, there’s probably more festivity coming your way 😉

I hope these lights bring you a bit of seasonal cheer. Wishing you all peace and good health!

Friday Night Lights

It’s cold and snowy out. I just finished a hot cocoa, and am now luxuriating by the fire with my fuzzies. Later tonight I’ll wrap up some gifts for loved ones in Ohio. Yes, my friends, the Christmas spirit is flowing this evening!

With the warmth of the season in mind, here are some shots of Traverse City’s Christmas lights, to help make your weekend merry and bright. Cheers to everyone 🙂

A few of these are larger on Flickr, and I’ve captioned some, in case you’re interested in back-story or a couple more words from me 🙂

A Big Day with Little Temps

It seems like everywhere in the country was cold yesterday, including Texas and Hawaii. Here was no exception. Regardless of the 15-degree temps and 3-degree windchill (-9 and -16C), Petey still needed and wanted to walk, so I layered us both up, and off we went. I know it sounds pretty bad to many of you, but really, once we got going, we were plenty warm. Cold is still cold, though, and after an hour out walking in it, there was only one solution: Polish food.

Sunrays spill over Elk Lake
Elk Lake

We decided to make an afternoon of it, considering our favorite Polish place is a few miles up the road in Petoskey. Some light lake effect snow had blown in, creating dramatic skies and reasons to stop at multiple places along the coast for photos.

Barnes Park – bigger panorama here.

While I examined the ice shelf, Tony and Petey explored the beach. I hear Petey discovered a nice salmon skeleton. I thought about going to find it myself so I could show you, but my fingers had already broken off from the frostbite. You’re lucky it was so cold on the lakeshore. 😉

I had originally planned to photograph some Christmas lights in Petoskey during the blue hour, but those plans got dashed upon the icy rocks in Charlevoix. It was nearing sunset as we drove through town, and the low, broken clouds promised beauty.

The weatherman said that the winds were only blowing at 3-mph in Charlevoix, and I say that he obviously imbibed too much eggnog. As I shuffled my way around the icy pier, those brutal winds blew tears onto my cheeks. I’m just thankful they didn’t freeze on my eyelashes. And I’m thankful we waited – the sunset was pretty…even if I almost missed it while taking photos of the waves on the rocks, and Tony had to shout 10 times over the wind to get my attention about what was going on in the sky behind me 😉

After the brief show ended, we packed the shivering Petey and our chilly selves back into the car to continue the trek to dinner. Tony had goulash over potato dumplings, and I had a rueben fusion dish: pierogies covered with corned beef and sauerkraut, topped with melted Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing. I told you: it’s the perfect antidote to freezing weather!

After dinner, we strolled around Petoskey, pretending it wasn’t too cold for aimless traipsing. I grabbed a few shots of the lights in Petoskey, and then we grabbed some coffee before doing a bit of Christmas shopping on our way home.

Now that my fingers have grown back, I think we’re going to bundle up for another hike. The tundra isn’t going to take pictures of itself 😉


….On a side note, I entered this photo in a contest to be featured on the cover of Michigan Wine Country magazine. There are two contest winners: a judge’s choice and a people’s choice. Voting runs through the 20th, so if you’d like to cast a vote in my direction, I’ll take all the help I can get 🙂 You can vote daily if you’re feeling really generous!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

This week, Ben from The Daily Post challenged readers to share a photo that features a light source. The sun is generally the light source I prefer, but considering the time of year, I thought I’d go for something obvious in a different way. Happy Holidays!

Christmas lights
Christmas lights-2

O Snowy Night

Aside from some lake effect snow at the end of November, it’s been pretty dreary up here. I have this idea that December 1 is a magical date, capable of imparting pillowy snow. Not so. I have pouted and generally been unenjoyable (I kid, I kid. I think/hope.) to be around, complaining about how there’s just nothing outside to do. But as you can imagine, my impertinence had no impact on the weather. Fortunately for Tony, a storm system arrived yesterday bringing snow.

Snowy road Continue reading