Friday Night Lights

Another week, another batch of Christmas lights. This is the last Friday before Christmas, and if I lived anywhere else, I might say this is the last of the lights you’ll see. But I’ve already got plans to do another neighborhood walking tour with friends. Also, folks Up North leave their lights on longer than folks who live in other places, on account of we get lots of snow and it looks pretty. So, there’s probably more festivity coming your way 😉

I hope these lights bring you a bit of seasonal cheer. Wishing you all peace and good health!

Friday Night Lights

It’s cold and snowy out. I just finished a hot cocoa, and am now luxuriating by the fire with my fuzzies. Later tonight I’ll wrap up some gifts for loved ones in Ohio. Yes, my friends, the Christmas spirit is flowing this evening!

With the warmth of the season in mind, here are some shots of Traverse City’s Christmas lights, to help make your weekend merry and bright. Cheers to everyone 🙂

A few of these are larger on Flickr, and I’ve captioned some, in case you’re interested in back-story or a couple more words from me 🙂

Winter Brings Ice…and Candy

Our recent temperatures have conspired to make me think 20 degrees (-7C) is going to feel pleasant on Saturday. Normally, I would just layer up ridiculously for skiing, but me skiing doesn’t do much by way of exercising the dog. So lately I’ve taken to wearing thick, windproof gear that I can unzip during a run, which keeps me warm even at windchills below zero. On a side note, running uphill on unpacked fresh powder is almost as fun as running uphill in sand. You can tuck that little tidbit away for later. You’re welcome 😉

Howdy, neighbors? (Taken during a particularly heavy snowburst this afternoon)
heavy snow

With the brutal weather, early sunsets (it dips below the horizon precisely at 5:00pm now, but we’ll be on the rebound next Wednesday!), and weekend-only (for now) skiing, we haven’t had many non-puppy-walking opportunities to be outside. However, that’s worked in our favor the past couple days. We spent nine hours making candy for dear ones, and you’d be hard-pressed to convince me to stay inside that long on a pleasant evening.

I didn’t take any photos of the candy, so here’s a Christmas-y vignette instead 🙂
Christmas vignette

We packed it all up last night, and then headed to Alden – where our neighbor’s office is – this afternoon for a delivery. We joked with him about hanging out at the marina down the street…and then promptly did just that upon leaving him with goodies.

There was a sliver of clear sky overhead, a little bubble of clarity amid the constant snow, that allowed the sun to peak through. I again marveled at the drama in the heavens as I tottered out to the icy edge. The angry winds tossed a bit of Torch Lake on me as I snapped images of the directionally forming ice.

Though the sky and lake beckoned convincingly, my aching fingers eventually shouted loudly enough at me that I returned to the car. It was a close call, I tell ya. One thing those frigid temps are good for, though, is frosting our windows. Well, that, and it makes me wanna bake. It’s sure beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Does the cold weather make you want to bake? Or play? Or hide in front of a fire under a blanket (I’m doing that right now 😉 )
Frosted Windowpane

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light!

This week, Ben from The Daily Post challenged readers to share a photo that features a light source. The sun is generally the light source I prefer, but considering the time of year, I thought I’d go for something obvious in a different way. Happy Holidays!

Christmas lights
Christmas lights-2

The Best Way to Pack

Tony and I got back to northern Michigan yesterday evening after a week in southern Ohio visiting friends and family. At one point, when a friend asked Tony if we could stay for a while, Tony joked that “No, we have to be doing something different every fifteen minutes.” It was that kind of trip, which is to say the best kind…and also the worst kind. It was the kind absolutely packed with people. I’d fill you in on the details, but I don’t want to wear you out, too 😉 Continue reading