Early Spring Gallivanting

It seems to be a late spring for everyone, and while looking at the giant piles of snow in the front yard that the snowmobilers like to ramp, I was feeling doubly sorry for myself thinking we might never see our snowpack melt. Then I looked at some photos from this time two years ago – a little less snow on the ground, but there nonetheless. No crocuses, those first harbingers of spring, until mid-April. Sigh. Continue reading

Sweet Escape

Phew, this month is taking its toll on me. Instead of complaining about it, though, I’ve taken a lesson from Bambi and chosen to remain quiet. Ish. Thus explains my recent blogging break. Regardless, this weekend was supposed to bring more of the same icky weather, and we had planned to spend it in the basement, finishing our insulation installation. I’ve talked before about my quick-onset cabin fever, but Tony can usually hold out longer than me. However, early this afternoon, he checked the radar, saw a clear patch, and suggested we get the heck outta Dodge the house. Continue reading

So It’s November…

I usually decorate for fall, strewing pumpkins and leaves and cinnamon candles throughout our home, but this year I simply did not get around to it. I was so busy carving out time outdoors that I never made the time to carve up a gourd. Now that Halloween has passed, I just don’t see the point. I realize that Thanksgiving falls between Halloween and Christmas – and I have so many things for which to be thankful – but I just cannot talk myself into getting out the fake fall stuff when the real fall stuff has already dried up and blown away. Continue reading

Loving Fall – My Current Favorite

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember that I touted showy fall photos, but then got too excited about the aurora from the same night, and so shared that instead. As promised, though, this post is loaded with autumnal glory. Tony has always claimed fall as his favorite season, and I think I’ll claim it as mine, too. Until winter comes along. Then it’ll be my favorite. Followed by spring morels. And then I’ll love the warm rays of summer. I am a fair-weather fan. To appropriate a favorite Strong Bad quote: The seasons are like my childrens. I love them all.
Continue reading

One Loony Evening

Someone promoting northern Michigan on Facebook posted a photo of lilacs in bloom somewhere on the Old Mission Peninsula. Since the day was dominated by clear skies and light breezes, I decided that neighboring Leelanau Peninsula would make a great evening destination.  We’ve been to the lighthouse on the tip of that peninsula a few times, but until today, only on cloudy days. Continue reading