Shipwrecking again

If you’ve been following this blog for a while (thanks to all “old” and “new” followers, by the way!!), then you’ve visited this shipwreck with me a couple of times. If you’re new here, then you’re in for a treat. Well, either way I still think you’re in for a treat; this is one of my favorite hikes in my neighborhood :) Continue reading

Unsafe Structure Exploration in Frankfort

Rolling out of bed at noon is a pretty strong indicator for an unproductive day…which is exactly what happened today. Except for that unproductive part. We had the Cliftons out last night for a slumber party. We are adults and can behave like children if we want, thankyouverymuch :).¬† Last night was our best viewing opportunity for the 2012 Perseids, and we did not intend to squander our chance like we did last year. Continue reading

How to have a good time Up North

Well, for starters, try to have an aunt and uncle who like to take you on adventures and encourage you to do things that might otherwise scare you. And then, do those things with said aunt and uncle. Anyone you love will do, in a pinch ;) Continue reading

When your face is on fire and you’re happy about it

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve read through my fair share (okay, someone else’s share as well) of complaining about our sub-par winter. But really, we’ve had just enough cold temperatures and snow to make things worthwhile, and not make me wish for spring. Yet. This weekend added more to the “enough” column of the ledger. (Thinking of you here, Carol!) Continue reading