When your face is on fire and you’re happy about it

If you’re a regular reader, you’ve read through my fair share (okay, someone else’s share as well) of complaining about our sub-par winter. But really, we’ve had just enough cold temperatures and snow to make things worthwhile, and not make me wish for spring. Yet. This weekend added more to the “enough” column of the ledger. (Thinking of you here, Carol!) Continue reading

Making Spirits Bright

The wind is loudly blowing, the snow is streaming down in thick, heavy confetti flakes, and the road is coated (in ice, I’m told). At least in places. It finally feels like winter Up North should feel. It might not stick around, and we probably won’t have a white Christmas (I sincerely hope that’s because we’ll be in Ohio , where we frequently don’t have a white Christmas), but it makes me happy right now. Continue reading

November Nastiness Tamed by Family

I don’t know about you, but for us, November has been living up to its reputation. Most of the color has blown off the now-lifeless trees, the sun is setting earlier than I’d like, and we’ve been drenched in driving rains. Sounds like the perfect weather in which to visit, right? Casey and his girlfriend Emilie thought so.

Continue reading