Signs of the Season

For a few days in August (Or was it just earlier this month? I don’t remember.) the temperatures dropped into the 60’s, and I thought: Oh, it’s time for fall. I thought it was premature, but then I always feel that way, and I welcomed the seasonal change anyway. And then highs in the 90’s returned, and we’ve since been enjoying an extended summer.

Thankfully, the humidity has dropped back down within acceptable (Yep, I’m the judge of that, thankyouverymuch!) northern Michigan norms, and the mosquito population has died back some so outdoor exploration is less frustrating than it is early in the summer. Without much of a plan, Tony and I headed south yesterday afternoon to check out a state park in Interlochen that we’ve driven near dozens of times, yet never stopped to visit.

About half of the campground was closed, which we took as a mere suggestion since it seemed that only cars were blocked. We ducked under the yellow tape and wandered aimlessly under the oaks, hoping the breezes wouldn’t dislodge acorns onto our noggins.


Thanks to the summery weather, our trees are still mostly green, though a few are starting to display their autumnal plumage. Since Interlochen is a touch inland compared to on-the-bay Traverse City, we had hoped for a slightly advanced color season. We weren’t entirely disappointed.



After our meandering, we grabbed some dinner and then went in search of potential super moon eclipse viewing sites. I took a few pictures from the park in Greilickville, but by then the sky was getting too dark for the photos I had in mind, so I threw in the towel on that venture. Considering the lunar eclipse is officially underway, and the sky is completely clouded over, I’m glad I didn’t spend too much time discovering the perfect location. Here’s hoping your view is better 🙂

Before the last leaf falls

We have been hiking and walking fools lately, on account of the leaves and beautiful weather are going, going…  I won’t say it, but it was 80 degrees (27 C) here today, and incredibly windy…and it’s raining and still windy now…and it’s only supposed to be in the upper 40s (8 C) tomorrow. *Sigh* The weather doesn’t improve in the foreseeable future, assuming the weather folks aren’t lying, so I feel justified for all miles we’ve logged on short excursions. Continue reading

Loving Torch Lake

Last Friday was another rainy day. We’ve had a lot of them this fall, but I think it’s what has kept our leaves on, and it’s replenishing the water table after our very dry summer, so I can’t complain too heartily. Also, there’s the bonus of that intense feeling of freedom and rejuvenation when you get out after being cooped up due to the weather. I realize this is a bit like thanking your captor, but it’s a real feeling all the same.
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Loving Fall – My Current Favorite

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll remember that I touted showy fall photos, but then got too excited about the aurora from the same night, and so shared that instead. As promised, though, this post is loaded with autumnal glory. Tony has always claimed fall as his favorite season, and I think I’ll claim it as mine, too. Until winter comes along. Then it’ll be my favorite. Followed by spring morels. And then I’ll love the warm rays of summer. I am a fair-weather fan. To appropriate a favorite Strong Bad quote: The seasons are like my childrens. I love them all.
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Trail Running on My Northern Michigan Roads

Despite a knee that aches (not a new development – it’s done this since high school) and not being built for it (I am decidedly not lanky), I am a runner. I used to argue this point with Tony – him for, me against – until I finally accepted it. I almost never go for more than ten days without running, and though I am not fast, I am very consistent. Since it’s something I frequently enjoy, I thought I’d take you along. You don’t have to run. Continue reading