Unsafe Structure Exploration in Frankfort

Rolling out of bed at noon is a pretty strong indicator for an unproductive day…which is exactly what happened today. Except for that unproductive part. We had the Cliftons out last night for a slumber party. We are adults and can behave like children if we want, thankyouverymuch :).  Last night was our best viewing opportunity for the 2012 Perseids, and we did not intend to squander our chance like we did last year. Continue reading

Paddling Power Island

Power Island is a ~200 acre speck of land about seven miles up the west arm of Grand Traverse Bay. I’ve taken many pictures from afar, from the top of the Old Mission Peninsula, and last year we took a boat ride out with my brother and his family. You might think that with all our kayaking outings, we’d have stopped by the island by now, but getting there requires an open-water crossing – something we’re not keen to do outside the summer or on windy days. Continue reading

One Loony Evening

Someone promoting northern Michigan on Facebook posted a photo of lilacs in bloom somewhere on the Old Mission Peninsula. Since the day was dominated by clear skies and light breezes, I decided that neighboring Leelanau Peninsula would make a great evening destination.  We’ve been to the lighthouse on the tip of that peninsula a few times, but until today, only on cloudy days. Continue reading