My Icy Michigan

One of these days, perhaps, I’ll adjust to all the wintry moods of northern Michigan. I will cease to be amazed by the pillows of snow that accumulate overnight, or while we’re away for an afternoon. It will no longer surprise me that the sky can be both filled with brilliant sun and heavy with falling flakes. I will bore of the muted pallet, and tire of the cold.

Then again, perhaps not. Continue reading

Torch Lake on Ice

I tried to come up with a clever/alliterative title for this blog along the lines of “Wordless Wednesday” or “Friday Photos,” but failed when “Silent Saturday” was the best I could do. I have few words to share, but scant is more than silent, and so here we are with a not clever, but descriptive title. All this to say: the sun actually showed its face last night starting about an hour before sunset, and so we hopped over to Torch for the photo op. Enjoy, and have a magnificent Saturday…alliteration and cleverness or not.

Click any pic for a larger version in a slideshow. Also, captions 🙂

Falling into a New Year

The day before we returned home from Ohio, Mom invited me to go exploring in the Fallsville area again in what I think (and hope) is becoming a tradition. A winter storm had glazed southern Ohio in ice, and then partially covered its masterpiece with a light frosting of snow. What more excuse did we need to traipse by the falls, just to see what we could see. Nevermind that I had well over a 102-degree fever. Everyone goes hiking in the snow and ice with a high fever and flu, right? Continue reading

Snowy with a Chance to Shower

I’ll spare you the many details, but we finally finished our bathroom renovation (click the link for before pictures). We stopped work on Tuesday night at about 10:30…and then went and took baths as we waited for the last of the caulk to cure. Tonight, though, we shower! Continue reading

Fun with Frozen Water

In case you were curious, we chose Torch. We’ve been pretty busy lately, and decided simply to take it easy today. The wind had whipped Torch Lake into a bit of an uproar. But, even with the overcast start to our trek, the blues of the lake were incredibly vibrant. Of course, so was the wind.  I took a couple of pictures at the northwest end of the lake, then hopped back in the car. Continue reading