Another U.P. Roadtrip

We’re in the process of considering our next vehicle (we are very deliberate planners: we intend to test-drive several – which we’ve heavily researched already – in November when the weather is less than inviting, and then purchase sometime after the winter, when we will have gotten the most out of our already-purchased snow tires), and at the top of our list of imperatives is comfort. I know that a lot of people would say the same thing, but – and I quote every chain letter in history and several Jerry Springer guests – we are for real. We make a significant number of 8-hour drives each year to visit our families, and have historically made a couple of 16-hour trips to the office in Atlanta. These are the one-way times. In summation: we spend a lot of time in the car. Continue reading

Exploring the Huron Side

Yesterday afternoon we decided to take a driving tour of the northern lower peninsula and the Lake Huron coast. We’ve been on the east coast of the state once since we moved here over two years ago, and we didn’t really even get out of the car. Since it was such a steamy day, we didn’t do too much adventuring, but even so, we ran across a few gems. Continue reading