Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

I’ve missed the last two photo challenges, but in my defense, I’ve been trying to follow the rules. Or at least what I perceive to be the rules. And since the kind folks at The Daily Post pose their challenges on Friday, I am decidedly late to the party.

This week’s challenge was to make an image that says “renewal” to you – trying to avoid clich├ęd choices like birth and sunrises. I’ve chosen this shot. I think we usually get morose in the fall, focus on saying goodbye (I include myself here, too – I’m not name-calling). Even though this milkweed has lived to the end of its days, those fuzzy seeds will blow away and start anew in the spring.

And also a sunset. Because they’re pretty.


Occasionally I’ll have a momentary hesitation about what to publish. I don’t think it’s my job not to offend anyone, but I certainly don’t set out with that aim,either. I sometimes worry that my exuberance about this beautiful area I call home will seem like a slight to others. It’s not, I’ve decided; I share my elation because it’s a happy message. I hope you’re equally happy where you live. That being said… Continue reading