Sandy Comes to TC

Having lived in Miami when a tropical storm stalled, dumping about twenty inches of rain in less than six hours, I truly sympathize with those who are dealing with Sandy’s aftermath on the east coast. Thankfully, our ground-floor apartment happened to be in a high spot (a true rarity in Miami), and we did not flood, but we did lose a car to the widespread disaster, and we did witness its impact on the city. However, we did not have to deal with any cold temperatures, and so my heart is with those of you who are putting your lives back in order.

The thing about life, though, is that even when devastation is occurring in one place, elation occurs elsewhere. When you’re on the side that’s falling apart, it surely doesn’t seem fair, but we all know that cliché about life and its unfairness. And probably also the one about changing the things we can control and letting go the ones we can’t. Continue reading

After the Rain

Gently falling precipitation was the story of the day, but I wasn’t too upset: after yesterday’s almost-emergency and Benadryl coma, I wasn’t looking for much excitement. Sometime around 6:30 or so the light rain tapered off completely, so after we finished dinner, we went to the park for a couple of laps before nightfall. Continue reading