Country Living

We helped Jim and Jess complete the move to their new house today. Things went exceptionally well – in fact, it was the smoothest move in which we’ve participated, and we’ve lived in five states – even though this weekend is the opening of the Cherry Festival. Tonight when we returned to our home, only the sound of crickets greeted us. The country sings the song of my soul. Ahhhh 🙂

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Aurora [Northern Lights] Slideshow

The aurora was going crazy last night/this morning. These light shows are often much more fleeting than this one. We watched in fascination for hours last night. If we hadn’t been awake most of the previous night with storms, we probably would have seen the aurora fade into the dawn. Or the clouds.

Most of these were taken from my driveway, but the rest were taken from Torch Lake. They have barely been edited; you’ll notice they haven’t been cropped even. I wanted to give you the chance to click through quickly so that you get an idea of what it’s like if you’ve never seen it in person. Sorry for moving the camera to so many different places; I just kind of never know where exactly to aim, since the northern lights move, and each photo is a 30-second exposure. Regardless, enjoy!

If you’re interested and you missed it, there are a couple of larger versions on my previous blog.

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A Dazzling Night {Aurora!!}

What an intense couple of days we’ve had! Thursday night thunderstorms roared through with what we thought were 30-mph winds that killed our power for over seven hours. Once chainsaw crews rode in and restored power, we discovered that we’d experienced a microburst, which brought 70-mph straight line winds with 90-mph gusts. So that explains all the trees on the power lines and roads, and why it sounded like there was a train in my bedroom. Continue reading

Howling at the Moon (and the Northern Lights)

I awoke yesterday morning with plans to go spring skiing (Shanty Creek reopened this weekend for a last hurrah), but instead I was greeted with a surprise cold. Thinking that congestion might not meet well downhill adventures, we opted for a day of gallivanting. I happen to like that old adage: do what you do well, and all that 😉 But, for now I’m skipping over yesterday’s productivity in favor of more exciting things. Don’t worry though, I’ll come back to it.

My nerdy weather-checking self noticed that moonrise was slated for 11:13PM last night, and given the day’s absolute stillness, I thought it’d be a great time to pop down to the lake for a moonrise. Continue reading

Ski Season, Check – Spring…?

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. The sun stained the lingering morning clouds pink before rising brightly, and the air was clear. Tony and I took off at 8:30 for our last rides down the slopes at Shanty Creek for the season. The snow was slow, but the resort was uncrowded, so we didn’t mind. We played in all our favorite places, and then tested the (frozen) waters of some steeper runs that we had avoided on account of they were either too bumpy or icy. The fresh powder gave me the confidence to suggest we tackle Kingdom Come – a quick 450-foot drop down the face of Shanty’s biggest and steepest hill. Continue reading