Frosted Friday

alienAnother (rainy) Halloween has come and gone, and now it’s November – my least favorite month of the year. Unless you count mid-March through mid-April – that timeframe is at the bottom, too. We have another overcast day full of rain in store today, and more of the same tomorrow. In the spirit of making lemonade, though, we’ve planted a few aces in our sleeves. A trip for the world’s best sandwiches is on the menu tomorrow, and a hike somewhere pretty (even in November) is on tap for Sunday.

With the time-change looming this weekend, stealing my evening light, I need some reminders on November’s strong points, even if the weather is underscoring just why I dislike this month.

It’s not all clouds and rain. Some days are glittering with frost – which means that the ground is hard enough to hike upon, and that it’s cold enough to snow! So Happy November! May your days shine – at least in your mind’s eye 🙂

frosty Friday

frosty Friday-6

So It’s November…

I usually decorate for fall, strewing pumpkins and leaves and cinnamon candles throughout our home, but this year I simply did not get around to it. I was so busy carving out time outdoors that I never made the time to carve up a gourd. Now that Halloween has passed, I just don’t see the point. I realize that Thanksgiving falls between Halloween and Christmas – and I have so many things for which to be thankful – but I just cannot talk myself into getting out the fake fall stuff when the real fall stuff has already dried up and blown away. Continue reading