Taking the U.P. by Storm – Part 2

If you followed my previous blog post, then you probably caught that I only revealed pictures and (scant) details of our hike along the Lake Superior shores in the Pictured Rocks National Park. I didn’t intentionally omit the hike details, but I didn’t want to overdo it on the words, since I know that not everyone wants to read hundreds of them. Of course, you can always scan ahead to the pictures that you’ve likely come to expect here. (Are you still reading? You are? Okay, I’ll go on.) I did intentionally split up the pictures from our trip to da U.P. because I took nearly 700 of them. I think the button must have gotten stuck on my camera 😉 Continue reading

Taking the U.P. by Storm – Part 1

Tony and I had been toying around with a trip to the UP (pronounced you-pee – teehee! – for Upper Peninsula…of Michigan, if you aren’t from these parts) to explore the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Not having any specific dates in mind, but wanting to scout it out before the end of summer, I thought that last weekend would be a great time to go up. I didn’t have this idea in any kind of timely fashion. Tony made the assessment on Thursday morning that he really was caught up enough on work (I’ll catch up in extra hours in the upcoming days) that we could take Friday off and go. So Thursday morning, I booked hotel reservations – because there were no cabins available on such short notice – for the weekend, and we hit the road at 5pm that afternoon. Continue reading