Finally Some Rain

The I-75 corridor, from south of Atlanta up through northern Ohio, has been drenched in daily storms – a constant barrage of dreary showers lasting these past 412 days (if my mother-in-law is to be believed 😉 ). The long line of storms has repeatedly dried up somewhere in mid-Michigan, leaving us Up North with crispy lawns – and yes, lots of beachy weather. We have been requesting the weather gnomes to drop some of that unwanted precipitation up here, and much to our well’s delight, they finally caved.

In the Clinch Marina area in Traverse City a couple of nights ago, following the day’s soaking rains

Learning to fly?

Already the grass is less brown and more supple. Next thing you know it’ll be growing again, and we’ll have to break out the mower.

Both ends of a broken rainbow, after some more storms passed through last evening

In the meantime, we’re enjoying the fresh air. It’s quite windy out, so we’re postponing kayaking until tomorrow, but there are still long walks on quiet country roads to enjoy.

I think something’s eating my sand cherry shrub

What do you do to get outside in between spells of rain?

Cool Winds and Hail Storms: Recipe for Fall Perfection

Today was astonishingly beautiful – one of those dramatic days that seems only to occur in the fall. We awoke to mid-forties and the freshness of a just-passed rainstorm. I grabbed a couple of tomatoes for breakfast, and then we headed to Short’s for lunch (squash bisque, if you’re interested, and perfect for a crisp first day of fall) followed by a drive around Torch Lake.

Red (and beige) barn


A pretty good stand-in for British soldier lichen

Sheitlers’ (neighbors) pasture, before lunch

The back pasture again, after our adventure

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November Nastiness Tamed by Family

I don’t know about you, but for us, November has been living up to its reputation. Most of the color has blown off the now-lifeless trees, the sun is setting earlier than I’d like, and we’ve been drenched in driving rains. Sounds like the perfect weather in which to visit, right? Casey and his girlfriend Emilie thought so.

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