Macro Monday – Snow Drops

We’re in the early snow season, and things are neither blanketed in white, nor are they colorful. As the first real snow falls, it melts on the warmer objects above ground, creating a world dotted with melted drops of snow. Since grand landscapes aren’t catching my eye, I’m looking for smaller captivating scenes.

Happy Macro Monday! If the bigger picture isn’t inviting, find the little things that are.
“There is always, always, always something to be grateful for.”

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

The first snow of the season fell overnight Monday. The light dusting melted shortly after the sun crested the horizon. I’m only okay with it because it left the fallen leaves with water freckles.

Bands of lake effect rain/snow blew through all day, bringing brief showers, bouts of sunshine, and intensely dramatic skies. It was truly distracting. I’d look out the window (squirrel!) to be greeted with golden sun-kissed leaves backed by a broody sky, and have to rush off in search of the rainbow that must be overhead.

It wasn’t in my yard, where I kept expecting to see it, but that didn’t stop me from repeatedly hopping off the couch – away from my job – in a hurry to capture a bit of the fleeting autumnal splendor just steps away. Sure I had to work late this evening, but look at all those beautiful fall images (and all within short walking distance of home)! You can hardly tell winter is trying to creep in ­čśë
[Edit: Yes you can. See photos from this morning.]

The State of the Woods

It’s the time of year again when we start spending nearly all our free time in the woods, staring downward, looking for morels. We always start the search far too early, and this year is no exception. We knew it was, but we wanted to see how things were looking out there. Turns out, there’s more green stuff above ground than we had expected. Not only are the trout lilies popping up – they’re among the first plants to re-emerge after winter, like crocuses, but longer-lived – but some leeks have sprouted up too.

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Of Rain and Sun

If you know me or follow on this blog, then you know that not many weekends – or even weekdays – go by where we don’t get out. This is especially true now that we’re into the long days. Even today we left for a four-mile walk/hike around the block around 7:30pm. So, it was anomalous that we stayed in on Sunday, and didn’t do anything. For most of the day. Continue reading