Wordless Wednesday {Scenes of Snow}

pink glow


Snowy with a Chance to Shower

I’ll spare you the many details, but we finally finished our bathroom renovation (click the link for before pictures). We stopped work on Tuesday night at about 10:30…and then went and took baths as we waited for the last of the caulk to cure. Tonight, though, we shower! Continue reading

Just Another Torch Lake Evening

After a fairly typical Monday, I informed Tony that I wanted to watch the sun set over Torch tonight. I say informed, because I had pretty much decided I was going, and he almost always goes along for the ride. As the driver. Plus, it was a bit spur-of-the-moment. If you’re Joe Mama, you would recognize this as a “boop.” 😉  Anyhoo, Tony checked to make sure he had time to workout first (he did), and I tossed together a quick chicken, bean, and wild rice soup. I set the soup to simmer, Tony changed into some pants, and we headed to the lake. Continue reading

Stark Winter Beauty

Our first two days back home from our southern Ohio visit have been nothing short of perfectly normal.  We had lunch and catch up (disambiguation: not the condiment) with the Clifton trio.  And, of course, coffee from Morsels. On our way out of town, Tony and I stopped by Clinch Park so I could play with my camera take pictures of the wind-sculpted icicles that had formed along the beach-side railings.  When you don’t have feet of snow to work with, you take what you can get.  I still think they look cool.


Crunchy grass

Angled ice fingers

Ice octopuses

Considering our abject seasonal snow failure, we debated whether to ski. Leaning toward “no,” we unloaded some grocery staples from the car, after which I quickly and capriciously leaned all the way toward “yes.”  You see, last year we tried to get the most out of each visit to the slopes since we didn’t have a pass.  Last night, I thought: we have passes and even if the skiing isn’t great, at least we’ll be out there for a bit having fun.  So that’s what we did.  I had serious trepidation (seriously folks: sweaty palms). What if I forgot how to stand up? No, I think I can still do that. But what if I don’t remember how to pizza hard enough and can’t stop, even on the easy runs? Worse: what if I can’t turn to slow myself after I’ve decided to go down a medium blue run? Yikes.

But we suited up and things came back just like riding a bike.  Actually, it was better, because there was no bike seat mashing uncomfortably into my flesh.  I left the toasty-toes in the car, so my little piggies were a mite chilly after almost two hours, and we still needed dinner.  We did a few easy runs to re-introduce ourselves to the hills and then graduated up to medium.  The snow wasn’t great, since it’s mostly man-made, so we were not pressing our luck down the steeper runs. We had a great time anyway.

It snowed lightly all night, and most of today we had beautiful, fat fluff consistently falling. Around 3:30, I tried my hardest, and finally persuaded Tony to go for a ride take more pictures. That went about like this: “Want to go look at the lake?”  He’s a tough sell.  The snow was coming down pretty thick, blocking out the far-away shores of Torch Lake, but it was impeccable winter scenery out there, and a perfect excuse to actually wear my snow boots. 🙂

Southern shore of Torch

Evergreen and red

Baby icicles

Snowy red berries

Red rose hips

Eastern shore of Torch

Oh yeah, and I made peanut butter filled cookies today.  If you’re a peanut butter and chocolate lover, these are for you.  I’ll get them ready to share soon!