May Showers Grow Morel Towers?

After several days of utterly idyllic weather – endless sun, mid-70’s, light breezes – we awoke today to not-quite-40 degrees and drizzle. While this might sound like complaint, it’s actually the opposite. The morels have just started popping up, and like so many spring ephemerals, they need water and slightly cooler temperatures to thrive. While the grass is also thriving this weekend, I’ll be out in the woods. Whistle if you need me 😉

raindrops on redbud
tiny grape leaves
lilac buds
opening tulip

Happy May Day!

May has arrived cheerfully, and I welcome it with wide open arms and a goofy grin. I was shocked when I checked the temperature this morning. At 71 degrees (22C), it was every bit as warm as it looked. Clear blue skies expanded overhead, and a soft breeze carried lilting birdsong to my ears. The patio beckoned and I answered. I quickly slathered on some sunscreen, and then packed up the laptop for a couple hours of morning work from the comfort of the back deck.

I haven’t danced the maypole yet (or ever), but I suppose that much of the work we’ve been doing around the house could easily be construed as spring cleaning for the May Queen. Otherwise, I’ve skipped any traditional May Day celebrations on account of I’ve never actually celebrated May Day. I think quiet appreciation of nature’s abundance should suffice. Any celebrations in your neck of the woods? Any spring cleaning – for the May Queen or otherwise? Any bustles in your hedgerow? Do tell 😉

Tiny buds on our red bud
red bud buds

Leafy beginnings on our small lilac
lilac buds

Green, green grass in the back yard
green green grass