Snowy with a Chance to Shower

I’ll spare you the many details, but we finally finished our bathroom renovation (click the link for before pictures). We stopped work on Tuesday night at about 10:30…and then went and took baths as we waited for the last of the caulk to cure. Tonight, though, we shower! Continue reading


Approaching a New Bathroom

I think last time I left you we had installed the concrete backer board on our walls and floor. The next step was to apply a waterproof membrane. Directions on the back of the product indicated that it could be troweled on or applied with a roller. We opted for the trowel. I’m sure we had a good reason, but when we opened the bucket-o-membrane at home, that reason was no longer obvious. Continue reading

Backyard Renovation

It started a week ago. Last Wednesday, after work, Tony took a sledgehammer to our ~40 year old deck, tearing most of the structure apart. The next day we ripped apart the remaining timbers, leaving only the 4×4 support posts, buried in concrete. We took Friday off, and then things got serious on Saturday. Continue reading