In which I run, and ski, and photograph the in betweens

Just when I had resigned myself to staying inside for the remainder of my blue-sky Friday, the snowplow went by, clearing the way for an afternoon walk. I suited up appropriately and then left the house. Less than a half mile through the four-mile trek, I decided to try running half of it. I wasn’t dressed great for a run – too warm in my down coat among other added layers – but I was eager to try the Yak Trax for the first time, and if you’re a runner (or a previous runner), then you know how strong the pull is once the idea has crept into your brain. However, it’s been…well I don’t know how long it’s been. Suffice it to say it’s been a while since I’ve run because even though we have a treadmill, the only thing it gets used for is cool-downs from other workouts. And because I don’t like to run miles through melty, squishy snow, or in snow drifts. So, I settled for two miles so that I wouldn’t get overheated, and because we had planned to ski Saturday morning (I didn’t want to overdo it). Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

The weather outside has been frightfully warm, at least for January. Tony and I went skiing on Sunday before things started to heat up, and then avoided the melty surfaces the remainder of the week. By lunchtime today, Traverse City was a balmy 55F (13C), and we witnessed multiple crazies out in shorts and sandals. Even though this week has been beautiful and sunny, I was uninspired to get out in it since sunny and above freezing = icky snow/ice on the sand roads nearest home. Finally today Tony and I ventured out, in search of illumination. Well, I sought illumination – the topic of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. I’m pretty sure Tony was just along for the ride. Even though he was driving 😉 Continue reading

Trail Running on My Northern Michigan Roads

Despite a knee that aches (not a new development – it’s done this since high school) and not being built for it (I am decidedly not lanky), I am a runner. I used to argue this point with Tony – him for, me against – until I finally accepted it. I almost never go for more than ten days without running, and though I am not fast, I am very consistent. Since it’s something I frequently enjoy, I thought I’d take you along. You don’t have to run. Continue reading