Taking the U.P. by Storm – Part 2

If you followed my previous blog post, then you probably caught that I only revealed pictures and (scant) details of our hike along the Lake Superior shores in the Pictured Rocks National Park. I didn’t intentionally omit the hike details, but I didn’t want to overdo it on the words, since I know that not everyone wants to read hundreds of them. Of course, you can always scan ahead to the pictures that you’ve likely come to expect here. (Are you still reading? You are? Okay, I’ll go on.) I did intentionally split up the pictures from our trip to da U.P. because I took nearly 700 of them. I think the button must have gotten stuck on my camera 😉 Continue reading

But Sometimes Life Hands You Lemonade

We fervently wished that we’d get but one glorious Michigan late-summer day while all our friends were visiting.  Alas, the weather is a cruel mistress; we were denied.  Since then, though, it has been paradise: almost cloudless mid to upper 70’s during the day, and clear cool nights.  You’ll no doubt be surprised to learn then, that we spent a good bit of the day yesterday on Torch Lake.

Looking northeast from the sandbar

Continue reading

A Toast to Good Friends

Despite our apparent bed-n-breakfast, Tony and I are probably not the people you’d think of when considering the term “social.”  It wasn’t until our friends’ wedding at the end of April that we realized how lucky we were to have maintained such good friendships with high school friends.  This past weekend, we had several of those friends up (and over, to be more geographically correct).  I felt kinda bad because the weather didn’t cooperate to display northern Michigan to its best advantage, but as good friends always do, we had a great time anyway. Continue reading

Weekend Update

I’m in the midst of a challenge in which I actually do better about posting. Like Jess says though, I’m too busy doing all things that I’d blog about! This past weekend, for example was full of planned and spontaneous outings that spilled over into this evening. Alas, it’s been but a few brief days since I last did this, but I have 20 pictures to share, and that’s culled from about 150! If you’re still with me though, here’s a recap of the weekend: Continue reading

Compilation of Excursions

I really should do this more often. Then my posts would be more coherent and less over-stuffed with pictures. (For instance, this post has 26!  Don’t forget to click for larger versions.) Okay, maybe they would be neither. I have an excuse for not writing more frequently, just not a good one: this summer we’ve taken many of the same trips (with the camera!) that we have previously. But, I figure if I still appreciate the beauty of a place, mightn’t you? I hope so. Besides, a location holds differing appeal at each visit, right? So here we go… Continue reading