The Deceit of Late Winter

We spent last week working and visiting in the south. Atlanta is at its best in the spring – if you have other opinions, we’ll have to respectfully disagree. For the most part, the weather was pleasant – we even had a couple of 70+ degree days! – and many of the trees were blooming. Our travels were tiring, but also hugely rewarding.

Even so, we are glad to be home. We enjoyed brunch on the patio at Amical, which was delicious. We contemplated driving up the M-22 to scope out the Bay, but instead opted for a 2-hour stroll along the beaches in Traverse City. Loads of people were out walking their dogs, jogging, biking, and otherwise enjoying the gift of Capricious Late Winter. I alternately thought I did and did not need a jacket, and the sights were a bit incongruous as well: deep blue skies, clear grounds, snow piles. Last week, two feet of snow. Today, 62, sunny and slightly breezy.

West Bay blues

Lichen on the shore

Beach tree

Him and Her ducks on the Boardman River

Season-opening steelhead

Normally this kind of day would have left me slobbering to scour the forest floors for morels. Even though it fees like a perfect spring day, I know better. I have hunted Easter eggs in April many times – 500 miles south of here at that! I don’t expect that winter is over, even if most of the snow is gone, but that did not stop us from enjoying the day today. I think Tony might even have a hint of sunburn on his cheeks 🙂