To the Bridge and Back

Slightly encumbered by a short-lived cold, and inspired the slowly melting snow (not to worry: Mama Nature makes April fools out of us with fresh powder!) and bright blue skies, we decided to trek up the north coast to The Bridge on Friday afternoon. Starting out after lunch, we stopped by the Alden Marina on Torch Lake – one of our favorite places by any standard, but definitely more often visited when piles of snow prohibit other favorite stop-bys. Nary a breath of air disturbed the lake’s mirror surface.
Torch Lake noontime reflections

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UP and Away

Phew, have we been busy! Jess and I took a photography field trip (which she has diligently blogged about, and I have not) on Tuesday, and then on Thursday, Tony and I left for a long weekend in the UP. My normally linear mind is struggling with not sharing about the Tuesday outing, but I have decided to go with the U.P. trip first. Here goes: Continue reading