With Its Face Toward the Sun

We were driving into town a few mornings back, and a sunflower field we pass on the way to TC was resplendent in the early sun. Since we had the boys and were on our way to do some more interesting (to the boys) things, I only snapped a couple of pictures. When we were coming home that night, I decided that we were going to take cheesy sunflower field pictures, so we stopped again. I already shared some pictures of Kade in the flowers, but I refrained from posting all my pictures in one go. Here are a few more snaps. Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading

How to have a good time Up North

Well, for starters, try to have an aunt and uncle who like to take you on adventures and encourage you to do things that might otherwise scare you. And then, do those things with said aunt and uncle. Anyone you love will do, in a pinch 😉 Continue reading