Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

This week, the creative folks at The Daily Post have challenged us to use reflections in a photograph. The weather here has been decidedly uncooperative, and I have uncharacteristically been rather house-bound. The challenge was issued Friday, and Sunday I used it as our excuse to get outdoors. Continue reading

After the Rain

Gently falling precipitation was the story of the day, but I wasn’t too upset: after yesterday’s almost-emergency and Benadryl coma, I wasn’t looking for much excitement. Sometime around 6:30 or so the light rain tapered off completely, so after we finished dinner, we went to the park for a couple of laps before nightfall. Continue reading

Time out on Torch Lake

After a tedious day of work that lasted longer than expected, we didn’t have time for our four mile around-the-block walk. Instead, at about 7:30 I grabbed my camera, and we drove over to Torch Lake. Despite traveling over the lake, the southerly breezes delivered no chill, and we relaxed in the serenity. After the sun made its western passage over the horizon, we drove around our neighboring county for a spell, discovering a tiny inland lake. I took post-sunset pictures at 8:30 that required a slow shutter. I’m not thrilled about the increasingly early arrival of nightfall, but otherwise, I have few complaints.  I wish you the same.

Torch Lake Sunset

Green Lake Reflections

Torch Lake Time!

Tony and I took a brief kayak trip tonight on Torch Lake to break in our new paddles. The good news is that they are much lighter than the old ones and seem more effective. The bad news is that summer is winding down.

Continue reading