Collecting Bug Bites (and Tiny Turtles, and Fish)

It’s not what we set out to do, getting gnawed upon by thirsty mosquitoes, but we are overzealous (ha!), and accomplished it anyway. We are such good multi-taskers 😉

Tiny turtle that was crossing the road, post marauding mosquitoes

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A Minor Excursion

It’s hard to believe I’m not living in Bizarro World. If I am, I know I’m not alone, because everyone is talking about the strangeness of the weather. I feel like things have crossed over to ridiculous. This morning I decided to go for a run. I dressed in a T-shirt and stretchy pants, and prepared to be a bit chilly as I stepped out of the garage. Instead warm summer air wafted over to me. I was actually hot as I jogged. Where has March gone? Are we just not getting a spring this year? Will the morels be too toasty and not show at all? I feel some comfort knowing that this pre-summer summer we’re having is set to end…in about another week.

Until then, I will enjoy the upper 70’s we’ve been having, and try not to worry too much about what may come. After all, there’s not much I can do to prevent it. Along those lines, Tony and I had delicious blended lattes from Morsels before heading over to the TART trail for a walk. I think I have him talked into some roller-blades (we won’t spring for the other 90’s attire, rest assured), so score one for the good guys! (Good guys = Me, if by chance you missed that 😉 )

Other than that, the stroll was pleasant, but otherwise uneventful. Except we did see this little guy on the return leg:

He needs a bath. Perhaps in Cedar Lake?

And just in case you need a reminder of what March is normally like, here are two shots from last year:

Torch Lake, from the same place as yesterday, one year ago yesterday!

Stoop level on 3/23/2011. We got 20 inches out of this storm.