Skiing Weekend Getaway – or How to Be the Coolest Aunt and Uncle Ever

A little after 10:00 on Sunday evening I got a text message from my sister asking if we had made it home. We hadn’t, quite, but were nearly there after a journey down to Ann Arbor and back. “The boys are worn out an in bed,” she said. “They should be!” I said. And I wasn’t kidding. Also, so were we. Continue reading

The Best Way to Pack

Tony and I got back to northern Michigan yesterday evening after a week in southern Ohio visiting friends and family. At one point, when a friend asked Tony if we could stay for a while, Tony joked that “No, we have to be doing something different every fifteen minutes.” It was that kind of trip, which is to say the best kind…and also the worst kind. It was the kind absolutely packed with people. I’d fill you in on the details, but I don’t want to wear you out, too 😉 Continue reading