To the Bridge and Back

Slightly encumbered by a short-lived cold, and inspired the slowly melting snow (not to worry: Mama Nature makes April fools out of us with fresh powder!) and bright blue skies, we decided to trek up the north coast to The Bridge on Friday afternoon. Starting out after lunch, we stopped by the Alden Marina on Torch Lake – one of our favorite places by any standard, but definitely more often visited when piles of snow prohibit other favorite stop-bys. Nary a breath of air disturbed the lake’s mirror surface.
Torch Lake noontime reflections

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You’ve Won…A New Car!

In full disclosure, we didn’t win, and it wasn’t a car. However, we are the proud owners of a new Audi Q5 as of about 4:30 this afternoon. Aside from relocating the vehicle, this was by far the easiest car purchase we’ve ever made. Continue reading

Before the last leaf falls

We have been hiking and walking fools lately, on account of the leaves and beautiful weather are going, going…  I won’t say it, but it was 80 degrees (27 C) here today, and incredibly windy…and it’s raining and still windy now…and it’s only supposed to be in the upper 40s (8 C) tomorrow. *Sigh* The weather doesn’t improve in the foreseeable future, assuming the weather folks aren’t lying, so I feel justified for all miles we’ve logged on short excursions. Continue reading

Loving Torch Lake

Last Friday was another rainy day. We’ve had a lot of them this fall, but I think it’s what has kept our leaves on, and it’s replenishing the water table after our very dry summer, so I can’t complain too heartily. Also, there’s the bonus of that intense feeling of freedom and rejuvenation when you get out after being cooped up due to the weather. I realize this is a bit like thanking your captor, but it’s a real feeling all the same.
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