Report from the Field

Today was another splendiferous day Up North. Though it wasn’t quite as brilliantly blue as yesterday, it was more than sunny enough to make me itch for outdoor adventure all work-day long. Fortunately (for my paycheck), I had enough serious tasks to tend to that I managed to stay relatively focused all day. By 5:02pm however, I had texted Tony that I was going walking, and was out the door. Continue reading

In which I run, and ski, and photograph the in betweens

Just when I had resigned myself to staying inside for the remainder of my blue-sky Friday, the snowplow went by, clearing the way for an afternoon walk. I suited up appropriately and then left the house. Less than a half mile through the four-mile trek, I decided to try running half of it. I wasn’t dressed great for a run – too warm in my down coat among other added layers – but I was eager to try the Yak Trax for the first time, and if you’re a runner (or a previous runner), then you know how strong the pull is once the idea has crept into your brain. However, it’s been…well I don’t know how long it’s been. Suffice it to say it’s been a while since I’ve run because even though we have a treadmill, the only thing it gets used for is cool-downs from other workouts. And because I don’t like to run miles through melty, squishy snow, or in snow drifts. So, I settled for two miles so that I wouldn’t get overheated, and because we had planned to ski Saturday morning (I didn’t want to overdo it). Continue reading

Wonderful Winter Wednesday

Today was a perfect Up North day. The sun rose through a light morning haze, painting the sky a light peach before burning off the clouds. By mid-morning, blue skies dominated and temperatures soared – all the way up to 30F (-1C)! By the time the afternoon rolled around, I had a serious case of cabin fever. I stretched the Yak Trax onto my trail shoes and went for a walk with Mom.
snowy walk
Continue reading

The Eben Ice Caves and Blogging Buddies

After we found some measure of frozen waterfall success in Munising, we rolled west toward the Eben (like “Evan” with a “B”…I asked 😉 ) Ice Caves. The journey there proved much less perilous than our previous efforts, and the hike wasn’t too bad either. Continue reading

UP and Away

Phew, have we been busy! Jess and I took a photography field trip (which she has diligently blogged about, and I have not) on Tuesday, and then on Thursday, Tony and I left for a long weekend in the UP. My normally linear mind is struggling with not sharing about the Tuesday outing, but I have decided to go with the U.P. trip first. Here goes: Continue reading