O Snowy Night

Aside from some lake effect snow at the end of November, it’s been pretty dreary up here. I have this idea that December 1 is a magical date, capable of imparting pillowy snow. Not so. I have pouted and generally been unenjoyable (I kid, I kid. I think/hope.) to be around, complaining about how there’s just nothing outside to do. But as you can imagine, my impertinence had no impact on the weather. Fortunately for Tony, a storm system arrived yesterday bringing snow.

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Snowy with a Chance to Shower

I’ll spare you the many details, but we finally finished our bathroom renovation (click the link for before pictures). We stopped work on Tuesday night at about 10:30…and then went and took baths as we waited for the last of the caulk to cure. Tonight, though, we shower! Continue reading