Rainy Day Beauty

The weather in the UP (and ostensibly the rest of the state) took a nose dive the day we headed home. Since it was a week ago, and I wasn’t there, I don’t remember how bad it was – just that it wasn’t – and isn’t – summery anymore.

raindrops on fall leaves

The story this week has been rain, rain, and more rain. And it’s been pretty cold. A tough transition to go from shorts to coats, hats, and gloves virtually overnight.

raindrops on fall leaves-2

But the fall color is gorgeous, even under the rain. And since cold rainy weather calls for comfort food, we took a short road trip to Petoskey to track down some Polish Kitchen.

fall fence

We stopped at the Deadman’s Hill Overlook, which looks out on the Jordan River Valley.
Deadman's Hill Overlook - panorama

Petey drew a large crowd, and we met some nice folks before moving on for lunch. It was an odd gathering – well over half of the adults had carried beer or wine on the short hike. Hoping they weren’t driving. They seemed like a big family bunch arriving together, so we’ll assume the best.
Deadman's Hill Overlook

A surprising number of trees still hold all their green leaves.
Deadman's Hill - fall fence

Such an odd fall. Our leaves began changing in the summer, and have kind of stalled out in all this rain.
roadside falls

We have temps in the 30’s coming up though, so perhaps the overnight chill will spur the leaves to get back to their beautification project.
wet barbed wire - fall trees

Regardless, we’ll enjoy whatever Mother Nature brings. You get what you get, and you don’t get upset, right? On that note, have a great week!
red maple in pasture

8 thoughts on “Rainy Day Beauty

  1. Our weather has taken a sudden nose dive too. Chilly and wet but the leaves aren’t really turning yet.

    Love the leaves and the big red tree on it’s own. Keep shooting. 😀

    I’ve still got lots of pics from the summer, so I expect I’ll be posting them well into the autumn. The autumn pictures in the winter. Will I ever catch up ❓

  2. My favorite time of fall is when there is still a lot of green but with bright red, orange, and yellow trees or limbs contrasted against the green. I love the fallen leaves shots with the rain drops.

  3. Wow. Great color! We’re headed up there now..but won’t be there till next weekend. Yesterday I was wearing a winter coat on the beach at South Haven. We’ll see what the rest of the week brings. Today we’re headed up into that little peninsula in Wisconsin. Always wanted to see what was up there.

  4. Oh this is beautiful, indeed. There is something special about the rain on the autumn leaves. We hiked on a rainy day up near Houghton on Saturday–in the rain–and had a blast. I was going to bring the camera but thought twice because of the showers.

  5. How can you possibly get upset with all those colours all around you?! Mother Nature takes good care of the blues for you and your fabulous camera 🙂
    Lovely pictures!

    • I can’t really get upset, but whoever coined the phrase about comparison being the thief of happiness never spoke truer words. I have lots of photographer friends who were in the area shortly after I was, and they saw different stuff, and I started getting all comparison-y 😉 You are absolutely right about MN – she does take good care of me!

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