Four Years In, Discovering New Places

After living in and exploring northern Michigan for the past four years, you’d think we’d have found all the cool local public access places. Okay, maybe you wouldn’t think that, but I would. Or I would if we didn’t keep finding “new” ones. This weekend, in a bid to continue our reclusivity, Tony looked for some nearby coastal green on Google Maps – you know, that indicator on a map identifying a public place. Thus, we discovered the Wilcox-Palmer-Shah Nature Preserve. Rolls right off the tongue 😉

This 41-acre preserve sits just north of Elk Rapids, and features a lovely stretch of sandy shoreline. On a less windy day, or on a year with lower lake water levels, the beach might be a great place to spread a blanket and enjoy the afternoon. Instead, since there are no amenities beyond the boardwalk at the entrance, it simply makes a great place to hang for a while. Probably for the best as far as conservation is concerned.

Some of the details I enjoyed. You can choose your favorite, or not. I won’t judge.

We stuck to the trails and beach as requested, but we did let Petey off-leash (shame on us) for some water time. I think we were still within the spirit of conservation and respect: there was no one else at the preserve, and he only left the sandy shores to fetch his stick out of the bay.

Energizer Petey eventually tired of fetch, so we leashed him and hiked out. To satisfy our pizza craving. For a second dinner. Hey, I didn’t judge you earlier, so you just be kind 😉

13 thoughts on “Four Years In, Discovering New Places

    • Hmmm. I think I’ve heard that advice before 😉 If it counts for anything, we had leftovers for two days, so we weren’t entirely gluttonous. Pizza craving crisis averted 😀

    • It takes him a few seconds to decide if the water’s okay to venture into, but then he’s off. Well, assuming it passes whatever sniff test he has for it 😉

  1. What beautiful photographs. These are the types of places we love to find – especially if we have them all too ourselves. What a difference a few weeks have made for you, Heather. Winter is really over. 🙂

  2. A tree shrouded curve with steps. Always an invitation to new wonders. I’m glad you are enjoying your venue. It is one of the most important things in an enjoyable life. Yay 😀

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