Of Repose and Solitude

Our flurry of visitors has passed, and we’ve been relaxing, enjoying the summer doldrums. We haven’t spent all our hours lazing on the couch (though I did read books four and five in the Harry Potter series in about four days), but we have definitely been taking it easy. Strolls around our acres, evening walks around the (four-mile) block, trips to isolated stretches of beach.

From a beach trip last Sunday (Click for large versions linked via Flickr)

Activity followed by inactivity; life is marked by balance. After a long (for us) stretch of not doing much, we rode up to the Tip of the Mitt yesterday. On our way we stopped along Walloon Lake, because like so many things up here, we had heard/read about its beauty, but never witnessed it. I didn’t take pictures, because the views – spectacular though they were – were largely found only in smidgens over rooftops or tightly squished between vacation homes. Walloon definitely lived up to the hype, though, and if we lived closer, we’d stop by frequently.

We spent much of our afternoon yesterday turning around. Apparently I left all my map-reading skills at home. We went the wrong way – a good ten miles each time – at least three times yesterday. That’s what I get for glancing at a map and then assuming I’d remember.

We eventually arrived at our destination: the International Dark Sky Park in Emmet County. The park offers a wide-open view of the sky along with some long benches presumably for group programming. Tony and I picked our way along the rocky shore, eventually settling on a concrete slab with our toes in the lake.

Having thoroughly checked out the shore, we headed back inland to see what the park’s trails were like. I carried my camera on this excursion, hoping to catch a good view from the advertised overlook. I’ll have to go back in the winter. The overlook provided smaller glimpses of the lake than the crowded homes along Walloon. Sections of the trail were picturesque at least:

grassy trail

We had a chance of Aurora, so we had kinda-sorta planned to stay for nightfall, but the sky was hazy so that even if we had solar activity, viewing conditions would be poor. Instead, we began the journey home. We stopped at a beach on the west side of the Mackinac Bridge – a nostalgic place for us, since we found it by chance on our pre-move road trip up here in 2008 – but it was full of people, so we left. And by full of people, I mean there were a couple of well-behaved families awaiting the sunset. But I was feeling incredibly people averse…so we left. For the nth time, we unwittingly took a wrong turn (or didn’t turn when we should have?), and ended up on an empty beach.

Contentment. I must need a few more days of solitude before returning to peopledom πŸ˜‰
serene beach sunset

The one below can be embiggened πŸ™‚
wide sunset


13 thoughts on “Of Repose and Solitude

    • Thanks for the compliments, Edith – they mean a lot coming from someone of your skill!
      (Totally kicking myself because I had the iso cranked up from night shots and had forgotten 😦 )

    • Glad you like the word, Steve πŸ™‚ It’s not mine though; it’s from my new favorite author, Patrick Rothfuss – however even he may not have coined it. I’m not an authority on the etymology of the term. I’m just trying to encourage its addition to our modern English lexicon πŸ˜‰

  1. Oh how nice to read what you’ve been doing. I must say, after being enthralled by the sunflower shots, I got caught up thinking about the days of reading Harry Potter books in such a rush, kind of like gobbling them up. (We’re goblin readers, lol.) Glad you enjoyed Walloon Lake. I think I’ve been there…maybe…

    • I was chewing right through the books, and then we went to visit family…which is better altogether for a few days πŸ™‚ We’re home again, and it feels like fall, and perhaps more reading for the goblin! I’m digging through my blog pile…perhaps there’s one in there from you and I’ll know what you’ve been up to while I’ve been away!

  2. Beautiful spot you live in and near. Glad you could find some contentment. I think those of you that live in beautiful spots do get more than your share of visitors and I know that mostly those of you living in beautiful spots are good with that. But sometimes a person just needs some alone.

    • I think you’re right on all accounts. We love that people like to come stay with us, but we do look forward to our alone time…and then time with people again. It’s a cycle, you know πŸ˜‰

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