While I Was Out

Tony and I made our yearly holiday trip to Ohio at the end of December. Work was quiet, so we took a bit of an extended trip, staying from the 23rd through the first day of the New Year. We didn’t have much snow on the ground here in northern Michigan, but it simply didn’t feel Christmas-y in Ohio.

Old resting tree, on Christmas Day
resting tree

Inside, things were much more festive. And no matter what’s going on with the weather outside, being around such a loving family makes Christmas Christmas-y. Knowing me as you do, you know that I’m sparing you the family Christmas slideshow. These are just a few of my favorites. I know Casey is making a funny face holding Haylon. But I’ll always have the memory of what it looks like when Haylon tries to pick Casey’s nose 🙂 And I love my parents’ faces. They don’t look their prettiest, but I can see Mom’s reaction to Dad tearing up at the photo of his farm I made. I love that. It makes me tear up. The photo of me and my niece Addi isn’t going to win me any modeling contracts, but my heart swells anyway.

After Christmas, Tony and I squeezed in a few visits with friends. We also squeezed in a bout of stomach flu, but no one wants to hear about that. Even if you think you do, trust me on this.

frozen creek

Luckily, we managed to contain the fun to the two of us, and were pretty much better by the time we needed to hit the road for home. Now that we’ve been back for a week, with much of it near or below 0F, I feel like maybe the November-esque weather of Ohio wasn’t so bad 😉

10 thoughts on “While I Was Out

  1. You are blessed to have great family gatherings – I agree, it makes Christmas Christmas-y! Great images. Magnificent tree! I esp. love the blazing sunset reflected in the creek. Petey is looking handsome as ever 😉

    • Thanks for all the happy thoughts Eliza! We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family. Otherwise, there’s no way I’d leave this winter wonderland at Christmas time 😉 Though, that sunset was surely a stunner, and we haven’t had many of those with our everlasting lake effect.
      Petey might be handsome, but I assure you he is a complete goober!

  2. Being with loved ones is what makes Christmas warm and fuzzy. Love your photos of the warm and fuzzy and of the sunsets as well as Petey, who is looking very handsome.

    • You are absolutely right about loved one and Christmas. Thought of you over the holidays, and was glad you were able to spend time in warm places with your loved ones!

  3. What a great place! Do they live in a log cabin? Wonderful setting for a warm family gathering. Pictures of family make me tear up too…even when it’s not my family! Glad you had fun, minus the flu. Petey looks like he was happy to be there too.

  4. Oh how fun to stop by and read a bit about your Christmas, Heather. Your pictures are lovely. Really like how that lone tree looks. And, of course, the family pics. So alive with color and love! Glad you spared us tales of the flu. My husband once wrote–in detail–in the local newspaper–about our flu. It was not pretty. I have *almost* forgiven him for that.

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