Going Out Anyway

This was our weekend: grey and featureless.

But with Saturday above freezing (barely) and today in the 20s, it was practically warm out. So even though it was kind of ugly, we went out anyway. We took Petey on a 3-mile off leash hike on Saturday, and I’m happy to report that it was almost entirely pain-free for me. At the very end I stepped over a snow bank and had a twinge, but I’m still counting it as a success. I’m sure it’s the tape; I’ve been doing my exercises diligently, but I don’t expect miracles overnight 😉

forked river

The hike yesterday wasn’t very picturesque, and good thing since I brought neither my camera nor my phone. Even so, the fresh air and movement was so good for my soul. Getting out again really takes that negative edge off things.

Rapid River bridge

More good news: the road crews sanded/salted our road the other day, but we’ve had enough fresh snow to dilute it, so Petey and I enjoyed a good walk this morning. It’s my favorite way to start the day, and as long as his feet don’t hurt, it’s Petey’s favorite too.

And since the temperature was still so temperate this afternoon (18F), Tony and I drove over the hill down to the river – to Seven Bridges Natural Area we go’ed. Okay, I’ll stop singing now 😉 Despite the flat lighting, I took my camera and tripod and made some new images while Tony and Petey meandered. I’m feeling revitalized and ready for the week, which is good, because ready-or-not-here-it-comes!
bridge over Rapid River

Since people so often comment on how majestic Petey looks, I figure I’ll share this dorky photo that I posted on FB on Friday. This little nerd prays at the altar of the fireplace god until he’s so hot that he pants. Does he get up because he is hot? He does not. Mostly, he just pants with his goofy smiley face on.

I hope your week is so good that it makes you smile like this guy:


14 thoughts on “Going Out Anyway

  1. Gosh, ya gotta just love Petey – what a guy!
    Glad your knee is on the mend. Was that really a snowflake? It looks huge in that macro against what I assume is pavement, almost like a jack from a game.

  2. Glad you got out. I took the camera out today too and ended up with nada…the light was just bad bad bad. I think Petey is so happy he lives with you guys that he can’t help but smile.

    • I only got the photos because of the river and those bridges! You saw the pine tree shot – that’s what everything else looked like. Bleh! You might be right about Petey. I know I often have a dumb grin thanks to him 😉

  3. Our weather has not encouraged me to take the camera out much. The dreary is making me weary. Glad you had a mostly pain free weekend and that Petey could go out bootless.

    • The dreary gets to me far more than the snow. It’s below 0 again this morning, but I don’t mind so much because the sun is shining brightly. And who am I kidding – I have to work anyway, so I can’t be out too much regardless.

    • That is absolutely true! I have walked many miles when I would definitely have stayed huddled inside if it weren’t for Petey needing his exercise. He just doesn’t seem too keen on the elliptical 😉
      The camera is another story entirely. It turns off the sensible part of my brain that says things like “We’ll come back another day; you’ve already hiked 12 miles.”

  4. “It’s magic and It’s all mine” says Petey, and “I’m not moving just in case somebody else gets it. Not if hell freezes over. Especially if hell freezes over. When’s tea”

    I’m glad you knee is getting better. 🙂

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