O Snowy Night

Aside from some lake effect snow at the end of November, it’s been pretty dreary up here. I have this idea that December 1 is a magical date, capable of imparting pillowy snow. Not so. I have pouted and generally been unenjoyable (I kid, I kid. I think/hope.) to be around, complaining about how there’s just nothing outside to do. But as you can imagine, my impertinence had no impact on the weather. Fortunately for Tony, a storm system arrived yesterday bringing snow.

Snowy road

There’s something about snow. It’s the world’s best rug for sweeping things under. A few inches of teensy white flakes, and the world looks fresh and clean. And like the world’s best detergent, snow makes even the grayest days bright. This morning, a little still clings to hardwood branches, and piles on evergreens. Now that there’s something to do outside, I must remain inside, glued to my laptop.

The snow also makes all the holiday decorations more cozy, appropriate and appreciated. I’ve been waiting for a decent snow to take pictures. Last night after dark, we meandered around Traverse City marveling at some of the man-meets-nature scenery. I love the way Christmas lights glow underneath a blanket of white, and another perennial favorite is the giant Christmas tree erected in the center of a downtown street. Just looking at it makes me feel like sipping hot chocolate, and perhaps ice skating.

I’m sure we’ll get out later, but for now, I’ll enjoy the scenes from Traverse City neighborhoods last night. Word on the street is that we might be out skiing later this week. Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

Click any picture for a larger version in a slideshow 🙂


20 thoughts on “O Snowy Night

  1. Great job taking those Christmas-y night photos, Heather! I wouldn’t even know how to begin getting some pics like these to turn out. Happy snow! (btw, we got about two inches. How much did you get?)

    • Why thank you Miss Kathy. Don’t you just love the holidays? It makes me want to hang lights and put up a tree. I used my new (quite old actually) fancy-schmancy tripod and set the shutter for a couple of seconds – or 30 seconds for that stormy city picture.
      We got about 4 inches or so followed by a bit of lake effect. Still hoping for more 🙂

      • Wow, you really DO live in the snowbelt just like the folks from Marquette and Munising and up in da Keweenaw. We usually don’t get as much. I like that word fancy-schmancy.

        • We don’t generally get a much in a year as Gaylord, but we average somewhere around 140″. I love it, probably because we don’t *have* to fight it…for us it is almost always playtime excursions. You can use fancy-schmancy any time you like 😀

  2. You are so right – snow does make the whole world brighter. I think not having to go out unless you choose makes a big difference – I will breathe a huge sigh of relief if we do not have a snowstorm when I have to pick up the kids at the airport at midnight on the 24th. Last year it was frightful and I am not fond of driving in a storm. Your pictures are beautiful but they always are. I agree with jcee – the lights on the snow-covered branches are my favorite.

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